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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Les Halles Cookbook

Les Halles Cookbook
Originally uploaded by Danno1.
This is a great cookbook, Bourdain's honesty and experience really make this book a fun read! Being a professional cook myself, a lot of his tips and notes make me laugh out loud, just as in one of his other books, Kitchen Confidential. For example, his note about how escargot (which he states, only come from the can in the U.S., true!) like to spit hot butter and snail juice in your face; I have scars from these slimy little devils. I love his honesty, he really describes restaurant kitchen life as the battlefield of grunge work that it is. It takes a special kind of crazy to get into this business and love it like we do. The recipes are a great crash course in excellent Bistro Fare, the way it is really done in the restaurants. All of the great Bistro Classics are here, explained to you as if you are a cook in Bourdain's kitchen. Too many cookbooks are afraid to say a lot of the things that Anthony Bourdain says, hats off to him for that!


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At 2:25 PM, Blogger cold canuck said...

I just made these with a few alterations and they turned out amazing. Instead blanching in oil I did water with a strainer in the pot. I cooked them for 5 min , left them in the sink to drain while the oil heated up. recooked them in the oil. result golden brown, soft and fluffy in the middle , perfectly crunchy . I also used russets.


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